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High Function in High Fashion

We all have a mini heart-attack whenever we cannot find our phones on our person. There is a sudden rush of adrenaline and your heart race as you pat yourself down to locate your phone. The Fashion Industry has undergone many changes, from minimalism to flashy items and the latest trends are feeding more into functionality than it ever did. We see this in the latest trend of protruding pockets, where we see clothes highlighting the pocket size of a clothing item. The world of fashion no longer focuses on just beauty, but rather functionality and we have seen this with the return of the fanny pack.

Not only does fashion serve the function of keeping our gadgets safely in our pockets it has also contributed vastly to visual display of our identity. Fashion has become key in making a political and personal statement. People wear items that they identify with closely, and that is why we see the rise in wearing African regalia or print and the doek.

There is also a rise in pledging allegiance with a cause and this is found on slogans on t-shirts and jackets. Fashion brands set that set themselves apart from the rest are brands that feed into the trend of functionality and allegiance pledging whilst allowing the individual to maintain their individuality.

With the rise of the Corona Virus (covid-19) we see an increase of people practicing social distancing with their clothing. The fashion industry is now thriving in putting masks and bigger pieces of clothing so people can avoid contracting the virus when they are outside of their homes. Consumers are now seeking functionality above fashion. Functionality topples fashion and if you are wearing a piece of clothing that serves high function, chances are you will be deemed fashionable by those around you.

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Nicole van Staden is a #Slacktivist analysing market trends from an Africanist Perspective.
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