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Given the array of women’s heels that have been designed over the centuries of their existence, we are going to consider these along with what your preference for a certain type of heel says about you given information sourced from Rubishoefashion and elitedaily.com.

The most common heel, which is also typically the highest of all heels, is known as the Stiletto and is recognizable by a long, thin heel with a height ranging anywhere between 2 to 10 inches.

The Cone heel is characterised as a round heel that is broader at the sole of the shoe but that gets narrower as it goes down to provide better stability and balance.

The Kitten heel, is preferred by tall women as it is styled to give the glamour of a high-heel but without adding extra height since the heel of this shoe ranges between between 1.5 – 2 inches in length.

The Wedge heel has made a big come back of late, as was seen in the summer of 2013, because of their being perfect for outdoor events as they rarely sink into mud or grass. Adding to their popularity is that the bottom of the shoe has a larger surface area than standard heels, making it easier to walk.

Reminiscent of the 60’s era is the Platform or Pumped heel shoes, which are heels that rest at the bottom of the front part of the shoe, blending in with the entire shoe helping to elevate the entire foot, not just the heel.

Other types of heels include Prism, Spool and Sling Back heels.

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Whether you’re into the 6-inch Stiletto or Wedge heel, your choice of heels speaks oodles about the type of person that you are. Let’s find out what your choice of heel says about you as we look at examples of the three most common types of heels.

If you are confident and love being the centre of attention then you tend towards the Stiletto heel, which, if not worn to boost one’s confidence can be worn to boost one’s height.

Ladies who prefer their wedges instead, are typically your down-to-earth personalities and wear this style of shoe because of their practicality.

For the remaining ladies who have a love for non-heeled shoes also known as flats, pumps or ballet shoes, this indicates that you are productive and outspoken individual who thinks that style is as important as comfort, and that I am proud to say is me hands down.

Now ladies, this begs the question of what kind of a heel do you prefer to rock and what does it say about you?

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