Hair: changing like clothing

Clothing styles have been changing at a rapid pace. Just like clothing, hair isn’t staying the same. People have held many reservations towards hair but no longer, is it just seen as a crown that needs to be maintained. Now it’s a crown that is synonymous with change. It’s becoming more about expression and transformation. People would usually feel offended and very touched about negative comments made about their hair. Now the perception is changing.

In general, black women in SA have been leaders in hair experimentation. Going through several hair changes in a seemingly short period of time. The way one plays with fashion and clothes is what is happening with hair. People are having a fun time changing up their hair styles more frequently. Different hair looks good for different seasons, styles and occasions. People aren’t seeing their hair as a prized feature on their body anymore, it’s their identity that’s taking form.

People are seeing it from this perspective: “It’s only hair”. So essentially the phrase Solange made popular “don’t touch my hair” is holding less power. This is being seen with colour experimentation, hair shavings, tattoos, wigs, extensions and different styles. Switching it up as they take on new characters with each hair style.

Kylie Jenner was the queen of changing her hair, as was Katy Perry. More recently, Tyler the Creator covers the new issue of Grind Magazine. With leopard print hair. Public figures have been known to push the boundaries when it comes to hair. They also have the help of creatives and stylists pushing them to do so.

More and more people are investing into experimentation when it comes to their hair. Another accessory of expression and story-telling as they share their lives. This is making hair what the shoe industry is to fashion. Something that is an accessory to a look. Knowing this, it’s an opportunity for clothing brands to invest more into their hair offerings. As well as inspiration for creative collaboration that resonates with people right now.

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