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Our recent observations revealed that a Generations’ character’s name stays with the actor for the rest of their acting careers and well beyond their retirement age.  No matter what other soap operas or TV shows a Generations soapie actor might move on to, they are always referred too by their Generations persona.

For example Sophie Ndaba will always be “Queen Moroka” as much as Connie Ferguson is always referred to as “Karabo Moroka” long after leaving Generations.


The human insight leading to this is that Generations’ characters become such household names, that people do not see a different persona beyond their acting personalities.  Generations has become such an engraved part of peoples’ lives that it is no longer seen as just a show, but rather a part of people’s lives. The lines between reality and TV have blurred.

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As much as some may not agree with the story line or even be as optimistic about it as before, the reality is that it is watched out of habit and is deeply engraved in people’s lifestyles to such an extent that it has become a norm – 8pm weekdays have always been and will always be Generations’ time.

Implication For Brands

Choosing a Generations’ actor as an ambassador or campaign spokesperson results in longevity, as wherever the actor may go, they will always be seen as that Generations’ character long after leaving the show. The character actually is a part of people’s everyday lives – with a more deeper emotional human connection beyond it just being a TV show.

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