Flower boys

In uncovering the youth’s obsession with flowers in our 2016 report it unravelled more strongly among the new age masculinity this year. No longer are flowers just associated with the girls, we have a surge of flower boys roaming around.

These new age men and boys aren’t any less masculine than those who hold traditional beliefs and perceptions of what it meant to be a “man”.

This year men increasingly embraced seemingly ‘feminine’ symbols which included flowers. This has not only been seen in how young men have rocked the flower crown filter on social media. From the millennial to the open-minded middle-aged man, their mind-set is what connects them to the confidence to be seen in flowers.

The non-conformist liberals

These are those men that really couldn’t care less what others think. They wear what they want, when they want and are most likely to have random expressions of femininity. Expressing themselves through flowers is one such way they don’t conform to preconceived ideas of masculinity and freedom.

The feminists

The men with the mind-set that even they should be feminists and empower women feel that they can play with objects of a feminine nature. They have a mind-set that wants to free women not undermine them by demeaning femininity but rather embracing it with women.

The choice-makers

There are some intellectual men who consciously decide to wear flowers because they do not feel any less masculine because of wearing it.

The fun boys

These are the millennials who for the fun of it have rocked the flower crown or want to wear the bold floral shirt. Showing that they can have fun with that which is ‘feminine’ even if others think they look silly.

Having uncovered and seen this trend brought to life more strongly in our current fashion market. Brands can communicate directly to the flower boy in terms of their various mindsets.

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