Feminism: showing overt support for women

It’s not enough to call yourself a ‘feminist’ by wearing a shirt with a female empowering statement. It’s about increasing efforts of initiative and showing tangible support. People are finding participation more important than placing labels on what you say you are or say you support.

“END GIRL HATE” initiated by Leanne Dlamini is about supporting girls and women. While it’s nice for women to support one another, support from men is needed just as much.

As we saw at the Golden Globes and Oscars #Timeisup is a call to action for everyone. The time is up, not just on sexual abuse but for the insecurity women often face as being seen as the lesser sex. Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone are just some of the actors that have called out or made remarks that shine light on women being seen as the ‘lesser’ sex.

Even the red carpet was home to less talk on fashion and more on social issues, including women’s rights. Greater value must be placed on females. Men joining in on this movement will make an even greater difference. Giving women room to choose a different outcome than the ancient ones they have learned and had to endure from.

Beyond this, ‘no judgement’ conversations need to be had that focus on empowerment. Women should have the freedom to choose and not have to live up to a preconceived idea of who or what they should be. Receiving opportunities and being commended for their wide-ranging abilities.

Telling women that ‘you’re gonna or should make it’ is just words. People need to stop beating around the bush and actively build each other up. There’s a great focus on building tangible products for financial gain. Important as financial prosperity can be, supporting girls and women can lead to just as great prosperity. Investing in females is an important part of any and every enterprises future.

Nike’s latest campaign with Serena Williams is called “Until we all win”. Truly what the campaign highlights is that there is no wrong way to be a woman. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Women are still very marginalized in society, both in the developed and developing world. There is a strong desire to liberate women, to protect women and for women to choose their own outcome that makes them happy.

As brands, initiatives that support this will gain the support of people and make a much-needed social difference that matters in present times.

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