Fashion cities

Consumers have reflected a global culture in terms of what they wore for a fair amount of time. This is the result of global brands that mirror each other in terms of trends but also advertise their products/services differently.

The basic advertising is no longer enough. Everyone has been looking the same whether they are from America or South Africa. Locally consumers are getting tired of this and looking for truly unique expressions that sets them apart from the rest of the world.

Their identity is found in where they are from and each place is unique. The African consumer appreciates who they are and where they’re from. These places are translating into their fashion wardrobe.
No longer is it just a fashion statement to wear a t-shirt that says Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo. The new and optimistic fashion statement is to wear African cities. Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Nairobi and Cairo for example. It even closes in on more niche yet well known places like Soweto, Braamfontein and Sandton. we can only expect more places to show up on the clothes of people as they uniquely express themselves and where they are from.
Fashion Cities
In addition to this unique expressions of the place where they are from. Be it in a language or physical attributes of the place the messages are being translated onto clothing.
fashion cities
As South African brands you want to consider global trends and incorporate them to appeal to consumers. However we are in a time where you should be looking more at what is happening locally. Especially within different areas and cities to further connect with every consumer.
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