Fashion activism

What the consumer wears is a message communicating pieces of their belief system. Messages in fashion are becoming less about self but more about social change. Everyone can become an advocate for change through what they wear. This is because society is pretty much in shambles, it is completely fragmented and out of the confusion there is a strong change breaking through in the form of fashion activism. The message the consumer wears is the quickest indication they can give concerning what they stand for, what they believe in, value and the change they wish to make or be a part of. This is because the first thing people will probably notice about an individual is what they are wearing.

That said because fashion is about sharing messages today we are noticing a trend in what is being said. What is being said, is in direct response to confusion over what we as humans value like love for example. In response to Trumps antics, which exclude people and promotes violence Diesel have shared their message from Johannesburg to Milan and that message is “Make love not war”.

On the other hand t-shirts concerning black lives and black consciousness are important to so many people of many different races. Through fabric one can express the beliefs they hold and the change they are a part of.

Another huge movement is in the rights of women. Clothing and visual merchandising have statements like “the future is female”. Indicating the strong urge to be apart of a society the prizes and values the role of women in society.

Fashion Activism


It’s not just about donating money but it’s about personally involving yourself in matters that concern you. Whether it is politics, racism, sexism, violence and bullying. The list goes on because there are so many things that matter to people today and there are so many ways to express what matters. Social media is one form but fashion is even more personal because its on the consumers body. Considering the variety of problems within our country instead of people escaping them or ranting on social media, fashion provides a new platform to share messages and bring people together who share common values and seek to bring change.

As a fashion brand what messages are you communicating that are important to the wearers of your clothes? Find out what they are about, the change they wish to make and bring it to life through your clothing.

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