Dancing Spider Man Trend in South Africa

Peter Parker, otherwise known as spider-man, in South African has been disrupting the airways and breaking the internet(social media) with his killer dance moves. When he is not literally climbing walls he has been seen at social gatherings entertaining the crowd with amapaino music on the background. South African would not be a sovereign state if it did use its creativity when it comes to this marvel, enter Siphoman an African name given for the spider-man that has invaded our shores.

It is a ubiquitous trend in South Africa that Disney characters are given a Mzansi twist as they mascot to enter not only the young ones but anyone that is in search of pure entertainment. Let us back track to yesteryears when Hello kitty stated the whole dance moves, the mascot has set the tone for any “kids birthday party” with a marvel mascot.

Bookings of Siphoman to parties become a thing, it become obvious when one is an uncle to masquerade as Siphoman in contrast to the “real deal”, the spider the lights up the dance floor with his impeccable dance moves.


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