Creative cities

Two places that should come to mind when you say ‘creative cities’ are Durban and Cape Town. Perhaps it’s the sea water that gives a calm, creative edge that develops some of the most creative individuals in South Africa. However, the sea water isn’t enough to keep all these creatives put.

These are often the ones to make the move abroad or to Johannesburg in hopes of monetizing their creative gifts. Others don’t have the money to make the move or just don’t want to move. This doesn’t mean their creative gifts must get buried, never allow them to make a good-living from or make a difference.

Those that choose to stay put are a blessing to these cities (Durban and Cape Town). There is a huge promise of growth potential through creativity in Cape Town and Durban so growth in this regard is stunted when their creative talents move away. It will take brave people to stay and to build, grow and share their creativity. It’s not always the best thing to take your talent elsewhere. At least not permanently. You will notice that some that have succeeded in the creative industry often go back to where they came from to use their creative experience to build people and communities for the better.

On the opposite side, as more and more of these people are encouraged to stay and given opportunities to grow their talents. While sharing them within their cities they will be part of a collective movement that builds these places for the better. In building these cities through creativity there is more potential to grow wealth.


Creative Cities

Cape Town is referred to a sleepy town and Durban isn’t seen as any better. It’s a sad perception but through creativity the places themselves and their people will grow. Gaining momentum that puts them on the map for all the special creative gifts their cities hold. As brands that thrive on creativity and expression, how can you empower young people in these cities to be a part of building their talents, in a way that changes the Durban and Cape Town landscape? For other young people who want to make a living from their creative passion.

The result of this is changing the reality of these cities being full of creative talent lacking wealth to cities that are wealthy because of the creative people that work there.

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