“Beke Le Beke” – Week in week out: SA Pop culture phrases

“Beke Le Beke”

The Sesotho phrase for doing something weekly is “ beke le beke …”. Speaking about the lives that the South African youth conduct and back tracking to see any repetitive trends/traits, it is evident that alcohol and going out to parties or the same club in search or a heighten experience is a norm and will remain with us as we navigate through this year. This phrase stems from when our parents are yelling at us for having repeated the same mistake over and over again – week in and week out.


The phrase uyangakhuphi is born in the taxi ranks when the queue marshal searches wondering faces in a quest to help them find a taxi that heads to the direction they I looking for. The phrase literally mean; in which direction are you heading.This phrase does not only resonate in the public transport arena, however it transcends to private transport space. Take for instance, when you find yourself in a family or friends birthday party or whatever kind of celebration it might be, and some of the attendees come in both public transport and their own private mode of transport. When it get too late and the ones using public transport find themselves stranded “uyangakhuphi” is what they ask car owner as they make their way out of the parking area. This question probes on whether or not the driver is willing to drop them off nearer to their presumed location or even take them there at an “Ubuntu rate of charge”


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