What is beauty? A TrendER’s perspective

TrendER defines what beauty really means to women. We visit our beauty trend report to bring you this insight.
The human insight: What beauty really means is –
– A woman’s need to express her positive self –
Both inner and outer beauty are codependent; the one cannot exist without the other.

Firstly: Women to whom inner beauty is more important, use external beauty enhancers as a way to show others of what is really on the inside as they feel it is impractical to try and explain or describe their inner being to every single person they meet. Therefore they feel that the most effective way is for them to exude their inner beauty through their external appearance.
We are not benchmarking beauty to that of professional models, and we are not saying that the most attractive people are able to better articulate their inner beauty; we are however, saying that every woman does feel beautiful in one way or the other, through their unique features, be it internal or external.

Secondly: Women to whom outer beauty is more important are those that seek reassurance from others and this reassurance makes them feel beautiful both on the inside and outside.
It is self actualization through confirmation of others.This is a reverse of the left side of the diagram, for these women outer beauty seeks to find the degree of others opinion about them and thus confirm their inner feelings through this.


It is imperative to keep in mind that women do not seek for ways to make themselves beautiful, they seek ways in which they can enhance and better express the beauty that they believe they already possess. Very few women believe that they are not beautiful or attractive. Every woman knows and believes that there is something uniquely beautiful about them.
As beauty brands and marketers, it is important to note that you are there to help women express their positive selves.

Whether your communication is about inner or outer beauty, it is good to always keep in mind that one does not exist without the other and that there is always a market for both sides of the spectrum, how you address it is what will make you different as you cannot focus on one side and paint a bad light on the other, but rather acknowledge the existence of the other even though you do not have to talk about it.

Taken from the TrendER Insights Beauty Trend Report.

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