Another South African fashion pop culture trend – Inkabi

Inkabi, a Zulu word meaning a Hitman or an ox depending on the context, is now making waves when we speak of urban culture and fashion. Many youngsters in townships are taking Inkabi style to the next level.
Young people in South Africa are rocking the Inkabi swag also known as the “taxi driver look” that speaks to pointer Lester jacket, Omega sandals and Brentwood pants. Not to mention that famous artists such as Sjava, Big zulu and Blaq diamond are rocking ‘ukotini lwenkabi’ – hitman cotton.

We can assume that almost every black person can resonate with this Inkabi style because they either have or are wearing it or know about it because their brother, uncles and fathers are wearing it not to forget the sociological setting that influences their knowledge of this trend. Brentwood, the clothing brand, has leveraged on this by making Big Zulu their Ambassador.
One acrid criticism levied on Inkabi style of fashion is that it is old fashioned, particularly in its influence over contemporary design. The mass market has been embracing Inkabi style of fashion over the years, however with celebrities jumping on the bandwagon: the masses have followed suit and want to be part of it.

About the author

Ayanda Makhoba is a young PR graduate passionate about connecting insights, brands and consumers through her talented writing skills.