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Another Side to Gender Based Violence

The 21st Century has given rise to a generation of people that take accountability for their actions and those of others. This generation has become aware of its socio-political responsibility towards one another and whenever there is a transgression against someone who is deemed ‘defenseless’ those with greater social power step into the rescue. We have seen this in various gender-based violence instances. Womxn and men from all walks of social media constantly bring topics of gender-based violence against womxn to the table and try to educate one another on what can be deemed abuse.

Most of these conversations has been about the abuse that womxn experience under the hands of men, but there is a turn in this approach as men are now admitting that they are also suffering abuse at the hands of womxn. This is a significant change in trend as this indicate that society is moving towards a slightly balanced scale when looking at gender-based violence. For years womxn received attention for the abuse that they suffer, but now men are coming forward and standing up against what they deem unfair coverage and criminal rulings against them.

There has been an uproar in the male community in what they deem inconsistent in the punishment of perpetrators of gender based violence. They argue that womxn go scot free when they are the abusers and when the tables are turned men face life sentences.

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Nicole van Staden is a #Slacktivist analysing market trends from an Africanist Perspective.
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