African optimism: Africa Youthphoria

The African Economic Outlook states that Africa has the youngest population in the world and that the number of young people in Africa would double by 2045. This means that the continent will have a stronger labour force making it the largest in the world, surpassing China and India.

The African youth is not only growing but getting also getting better educated. Their aspirations and dreams are what fuels them to keep pushing and redefine unfavourable situations into more positive outcomes. Through their attitudes and lifestyle ambitions to be like everyone else in the world, if not better.


Africa’s youth increase in knowledge means the ability to explore and discover,
different resources the African continent has to offer. With the knowledge to make it greater. The youth are also learning more about the world, they are getting exposed to global standards, services and products in turn bringing that knowledge and adapting it into their markets.

The youth of Africa have become more empowered than ever before. They are the powerful force who are able to push the continent’s potential to the end.
The youth is the very optimism that is driving Africa to be as competitive as any other continent in the world.

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