Mass Market

“Bazo thini abantu?” What people think of us still matters

A man is not an island – our South African traditional cultures have taught us this sentiment from the stages of infancy, Ubuntu - the spirit of togetherness. The opinions of those we

A change in shopping habits for taxi commuters in winter

According to SANTACO (The SA National Taxi Council), Taxis transport approximately 15 million commuters daily, and this accounts for 60-70% of the commuting public, in particular the workforce. In the light of this, it

Men don’t drink pink drinks!

“Men don’t drink pink drinks and don’t drink using straws” this statement is prevalent when gazing into the drinkables category in our market. The latest offering from Bernini, for example and many other


More social media options: Tik Tok

Passion vs Profession: The age of creativity

The disappointment of qualified mass black youth without jobs in South Africa has shifted the needle of success from profession to passion. The black mass market’s measure of success is

Online vouchers popular than traditional coupons

Retail shopping paper coupons have never been a popular loyalty program or incentive to the South African consumer. South Africans, especially the mass black market have seen couponing as a

Online retail growing exponentially

This is the age of the ‘digital natives’. We are living in a time where people are more connected and within keystrokes of one another. This has seen online retail

People are spending more time together

For the most part people spend time together to get to know one another and enjoy each other’s company. While the world may be changing because of a digital revolution,

Social Media: the detox people are going for

In December food is consumed excessively by most people. Partying done more than usual and alcohol, well no one needs to tell you. Beyond this, social media has been consumed